Remote is here. Now what?

Marco Gomiero & Gian Segato

Tech Lead at Revelop

Uniwhere Founder

Remote is finally here, and it's going to stay.
In this talk, Marco and Gian will go through what it means to work remotely for a startup — from both a developer and a manager point of view. They'll share some tips and tricks on how to stay organized and focused, how to manage deadlines and the team organization, how to take care of your mental health, and the pros and cons of hiring remotely. They both work for Revelop, a venture-backed startup that went remote-first more than two years ago and is now working with 4 different time-zones.

Marco is a software engineer, currently working as Revelop Tech Lead, where he manages the end-to-end development of the first email platform designed for Gen-Z.

He is a Kotlin lover and he has experience with native Android and native iOS development, as well as cross-platform development with React Native, Flutter and Kotlin Multiplatform.

In his spare time, he writes and maintains open-source code, he shares his dev experience by writing on his blog, speaking at confs and organizing events with the Google Developer Group Venezia and he plays basketball.

Gianluca Segato is the CEO and founder of Uniwhere, an app that helps students go through college more effectively thanks to data aggregation. He graduated in Economics and he's skilled in machine learning, growth engineering and venture investment. His company has been included among the top 100 startups in Berlin and has been featured in several international media outlets, from SkyNews24 to The Huffington Post.



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