What next?

Sebastiano Gottardo & Sebastiano Poggi

Android @ Blinkist &

Software Engineer at JetBrains

At some point in every programmer’s life, comes a time when you wonder: “Ok, what now?” When you feel you’ve become an experienced engineer, you find yourself at a crossroads: you love to code, but do you see yourself doing it 10+ years from now? In order to be able to answer this question properly, you first need to know your options.

In this talk, we will explore different career opportunities that see you either progressing as an Individual Contributor, or transitioning into people/tech management. You will learn to understand whether your current company can support your growth plans, or how to find (or create!) a more suitable one.

Sebastiano is a CS M.Sc. currently working at Blinkist on Android. He is passionate about mobile security and cutting edge technologies, matured while working with companies like Megavideo and Clue. He now actively contributes to the Android community with online articles and tutorials, and is part of the Google Developer Expert program for Android.

Emerging from the foggy plains of northern Italy 🇮🇹 after working at a smartwatch startup, Sebastiano moved with his curls to London 🇬🇧 💂 to do great things at AKQA and then Novoda. In the meantime, he's become a Google Developer Expert and a frequent speaker at conferences. Nowadays he's working remotely for JetBrains and is in Italy once again 🇮🇹. He really wishes he had more time to write technical articles on his blog.



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