Multiplatform Series

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May 14th

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Welcome Address & Intro

Greg Fawson, CEO

droidcon Global


A Hitchhikers Guide to Kotlin Muliplatform

Carlos Mota, Lead Software Engineer

WIT Software


Since the early days of mobile that we keep seeing new frameworks being designed to overcome one of the biggest challenges: 


* How can I develop for both Android and iOS?

Although it’s initial promises, when we talk about performance, maintainability or even customization we keep discarding these solutions and we always choose native.
Fast forward to the present, and now we have two new languages: Android is Kotlin first and iOS, Swift. And if you put them side by side you can see a lot of similarities between both what will ease switching between one to the other if you have to develop for both platforms. But what I told that you could just develop in Kotlin and run it seamlessly on all devices?
Here comes Kotlin Multiplatform!




Building Multiplatform Mobile Apps in Kotlin

Russell Wolf, Touchlab

So you’ve seen the blog posts and conference talks about Kotlin Multiplatform. Maybe you’ve put together a hello world. You might have found the experience confusing, with lots of new configuration to learn, and many out-of-date examples.

At Touchlab, we created a template project called KaMPKit to ease startup time and get to prototyping real features faster. It’s given us a platform to prototype ideas quickly, and has been a model for integrating shared Kotlin code into real production apps. And best of all, you can use it too!

We’ll talk about the structure of KaMPKit, and the architectural choices we made in developing it. You’ll learn about the libraries involved and how you can use them. And we’ll talk through some actual examples of projects Touchlab has built from this template. With any luck, our production experience can help inform yours!




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