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Give REST a rest with GraphQL

Aser Samak





GraphQL has been around for a few years now, offering a powerful solution to many REST API limitations like over/under fetching.
This talk will cover why it's time to migrate your client server communication to use GraphQL, and some powerful tools that will help you do so.

Aser is a Software Engineer and Educator. He worked at Amazon and Google in California for the past few years, he also worked on designing the Android track at Udacity.
Before Covid, Aser loved to travel and scuba dive around the world.
He recently moved back to Alexandria to work on a new startup and is looking for some talented people to join him.

آسر مهندس برمجيات ومحاضر. خلال السنوات اللي فاتت، آسر اشتغل في شركات في كاليفورنيا زي أمازون وجوجل، كمان اشتغل على تصميم تراك الأندرويد على يوداسيتي. آسر بيحب الغطس والسفر حوالين العالم (قبل كوفيد 😅) ومن قريب، آسر رجع لإسكندرية علشان يشتغل على ـستارت-اب وبيدور على ناس متميزين يكونوا معاه.