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Tips for your Android App Performance

Nourhan Gehad Abdelkareim

Android Software Engineer



This presentation will gather some tips for developers to use to enhance their overall application’s performance.

Nourhan is a Google Certified Android Developer, currently based in Dubai, UAE working for Nagarro MENA as an Android SWE. She holds a Nanodegree in Android Development from Udacity and has over 3 years of experience in Android Development. Nourhan also used to be an instructor for several Android courses in addition to being an ex-GDG member.

نورهان هي أندرويد ديفلوبر معتمدة من جوجل، حاليا شغالة Android SWE في دبي مع شركة Nagarro MENA. نورهان عندها أكتر من ٣ سنين خبرة في المجال وحصلت على Nanodegree من Udacity. كمان عندها خبرة في تدريب كورسات متعددة بالإضافة لمشاركتها في GDG