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For 11 years, droidcon event organizers across the globe have been committed to nurturing the Android developer community and providing critical education opportunities and cultivating social connections. During these times of physical distancing and isolation related to the COVID-19 outbreak, our team remains committed to bringing the Android community together and fostering social interaction and opportunities to level up skills. 

Through droidcon Online, a new virtual community event series, we intend to keep on doing what we do best, which is creating a safe and fun space for the community to interact and exchange ideas and information. 

"A great way to come together for SUPPORT, EDUCATION and FUN in the time of coronavirus" 


Each series consists of multiple webinars to give you in-depth insights and hands-on learning experiences with experts. 

Jetpack Series

This series will examine a broad range of topics covering key architecture components like WorkManager, Lifecycle, ViewModel and Navigation and will also dive into key behavior components like Notifications, CameraX, Room and more. We’ll explore these in detail and provide tips and tricks to help you migrate to AndroidX. You might even see something on Compose as well.


Multi-platform Series

This series takes an in-depth look at developing multi-platform apps with Kotlin/Multiplatform and Flutter. In this multi-part series, we will take a look at getting started with both Kotlin and Flutter and move to more advanced topics on libraries, tooling, testing, Firebase, CI/CD, powerful language features and more.


Advanced Kotlin Series

Our Kotlin series will cover a host of topics in building Android apps using Kotlin. Topics range from Testing and static analysis to Dependency Injection, Coroutines, Flow, and more.


Hands-On & In-Depth Series

This series will provide a hands-on and in-depth look at topics such as tooling, Security, CI/CD, Testing, Design and more.

Schedule of Events

Please check back regularly for updates on the program for each webinar.  You are able to click each calendar entry to view more about the webinar.




Jetpack Series

Part 2 of 3




Meet our Partners

Call for Speakers

Would you like to speak at a droidcon Online event?

We are seeking the smartest minds in Android Development and want to see your talk proposals. Talks will be selected by the program committee on the basis of making droidcon Online a series of varied, diverse and valuable events. 

Please submit sessions with a descriptive title and ensure that your abstract accurately describes your topic as well as key learnings, takeaways and real-world examples. Submissions will be evaluated in an ongoing process.


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